Dhaka clothing and craft

In 2000 WF opened a Dhaka shop 'Maheela'.  The shop is located in Naxal, at the same location as WF's Head Office. The shop was established to generate income for those who produce dhaka. Maheela is a Nepalese word meaning 'woman'. 

To identify Maheela as just another dhaka clothing and craft shop is a misrepresentation. Maheela is much more than simply a source of income for the Women's Foundation. It is an effort on WF's part representing continuity, growth and self-sustainability. Maheela is actually not primarily a shop, but a way to make WF programs and the women WF supports independent and hence, an integral part of the WF network.  

The shop stocks a large variety of products made by the women in the shelter. Most of the products are made of traditional dhaka cloth. All aspects of WF are interwoven and the shop is an intimate part of WF being connected with other programs.  

WF has produced a catalogue of dhaka scarves and shawls which are available via mail order. To view WF's product range, click on the icon in the index list to the left of the page.