The Women's Foundation aims to provide a number of programs for the protection of the rights of women and children.  


  1. To work toward the elimination of gender bias in laws, rules, and regulations; to support and provide women's equal participation at all levels of government and decision-making.

  2.  To promote gender sensitization.

  3. To provide shelter, medical, and legal assistance to women and children who are victims of violence.

  4. To deliver education and counseling services on human rights, women's empowerment, health, family planning, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

  5. To strengthen local capacities to plan and implement cultural and environmentally appropriate development.

  6. To enhance access to credit and service agencies, to promote local savings and credit programs.

  7. To promote democracy by broadening the base of women's participation in public life.

  8. To increase information exchange and program coordination between International non-government organisation’s (INGO’s), NGO's, and GO's who share our objectives.